Inseparable Huia

Inseparable Huia by Fiona Pardington, hangs publicly for the first time at the Huia 20th. 

Inseparable Huia by Fiona Pardington, hangs publicly for the first time at the Huia 20th. 

To commemorate 20 years of Marlborough's Huia Vineyards, celebrated New Zealand photographer Dr Fiona Pardington (Ngāi Tahu, Kāti Mamoe and Ngāti Kahungunu), Chevalier de l'Ordre Française des Arts et des Lettres, has created an original work of a pair of Huia, an extinct native bird of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Huia mated for life, their distinct male and female beaks a result of their close cooperation without which they could not survive. Pardington uses this pair to represent Claire and Mike Allan's love and commitment to each other and the making of fine wines. Like Huia wines, Pardington's photographs are painstakingly created to emphasise their feeling of authenticity, place and the love of the maker.

Postcard design & photograph: Neil Pardington 

Postcard design & photograph: Neil Pardington 


Pardington has long been drawn to the beautiful Huia, driven to extinction by the demand for its feathers to decorate fashionable ladies' hats  in the nineteenth century and the destruction of its ancient forest habitat. Now examples of the Huia can only be found stuffed in museums and no recording was ever made of their cadenced flute-like call. Pardington captures this poignancy in her photograph, giving them a moment's second chance of life, reminding us to treasure and protect the unique and precious..

Huia feathers were worn by Māori chiefs as symbols of wisdom, dignity and elegance, something that also characterises Pardington's photograpy. These are central values to Huia Vineyards as well: the wisdom of twenty years of hand-crafted wine, the dignity of nurturing the land exclusively through biodynamic and organic practice, and the elegance of wines that speak only of the soil, water, air and geography they came from. - Andrew Paul Wood

Huia has chosen two hero wines that now adorn this very special, limited edition label. Inseparable Huia by Fiona Pardington Magnum - Huia Millennial Brut 2000

Inseparable Huia by Fiona Pardington 750ml - Huia Blanc de Blanc 2010 

While these wines are not available for individual sale, they are obtainable as part of select Huia parcels sold through ONVINE  who supply freight free, nationwide. 

Inseparable Huia 2016

With thanks to Canterbury Museum, New Zealand.

© Fiona Pardington Courtesy Starkwhite, New Zealand

Words // Morven McAuley 

Photography // Bonny Stewart-MacDonald

Flowers // MUCK FLORAL