But you don't have to live in Auckland to get it. 

We're talking about the best little paperback guide to the good things that are going on in our largest city. THE SEASONAL. Live there or simply visit, this new magazine is what you need to make the most of Auckland this Autumn. 

Our Pinot Noir 2012 and Gewurztraminer 2014 feature alongside the fine conversation between NZ Comedian Guy Montgomery and Joel Herbert. (also see the video Comedy & Wine on the Huia Journal) Joel tests Guy on his wine prowess and understanding of terms like 'alluvial' and presents a pop-quiz that turns out to be more of a spelling bee. Guy responds well showing outstanding skills in improvisation, vital for a Stand-Up Comedian, by talking a little bit - un peu - français. 

Cazador Chef Dariush Lolaiy and The Fed Chef Kyle Street have a DAWG-off with some fine examples of how to make meat in buns amazing while Orphans Kitchen Chef Tom Hishon busts out some ideas on what to do with carrots, given this is their time!

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