When you're a boutique winery it can be tricky finding an easy way to share the wine you spend your life crafting. We wanted to find a way to ensure that those good people living outside the main centres in Aotearoa, could enjoy a glass or two of Huia but we didn't want to compete with those hard-working wine retailers by selling our wine on our own website. After all, if the wine retailers stay in business, so do we!

Enter Tom Howard of OnVine

Tom's idea for OnVine started while he was working vintage at Palliser Estate in Martinborough. He'd had the idea to start putting together mixed cases of wines, tailored to his friend's tastes and budgets. It was about sharing wines that were cool and interesting but not always accessible.

It wasn't long before the small idea became a large idea and Tom, along with his brother got to work on a business plan. Investment was made to build a highly functional online platform along with a physical base for a place to start stocking wine.  

The fundamental idea was to get people drinking really interesting wines that they would be keen to try but perhaps wouldn't when they feel intimidated by the risk of the purchase or they can't access a good wine store or they have little knowledge of a region or variety. 

So it’s about making it comfortable for people to try different wines from around the world with a strong focus on New Zealand wineries and this is done through a membership programme. 

Over the last two years, OnVine membership has grown organically and caters to kiwis from all over the country.  Members can personalise their own OnVine collections. There's no being dictated to by scores or stars. If someone thinks a wine is a 10 out 10 then they rate it accordingly. That is saved in their collection page for future reference and ordering. They can postpone or pause delivery for a month or two and can have their order delivered to the bach if heading to the beach for a holiday. 

At Huia we've been able to work closely with OnVine because it is an independently owned and operated business like us. We can all be flexible where needed and service is personal and dedicated. Tom has gone out of his way to assist Huia in ensuring we can sell our wines anywhere in New Zealand. We're proud that our entire range of both Huia wine and Hunky Dory is available at OnVine and we're continuing to support a great New Zealand retailer. 

OnVine delivery is within one or two days ANYWHERE IN NZ and shipping is FREE. 

To have Huia delivered to your door, go to: https://www.onvine.co.nz/huia