Kindred Restaurant is owned & operated by Jeff & Tom Wiley with their father, Dennis. They are collectively known as The Wiley Boys and are the brains behind Miss Clawdys (just a few doors down from Kindred) and Sausalito in Northcote Point. 

This family of hospitality talent has poured a lot of our wine over the years.  We are very proud to share a recipe from the Kindred kitchen now under the caring eye of Chef Pawan Sidhu. 

Here he shares a recipe from the newly released menu where this dish is matched at Kindred with our very own Huia Gewurztraminer 2015. 

WINE MATCH // Huia Gewurztraminer 2015 or Huia Chardonnay 2014

CHICKEN preparation

·      500 grams chicken thigh skin // bone out

·      chicken stock 1 litre

·      30 grams salt

·      8 grams fresh thyme

·      10 grams grounded pepper

·      1 lemon

·      2 fresh garlic cloves

·      1 litre of chicken stock



Wash chicken thighs and let the water rinse properly for 5 minutes & pat dry afterwards,  Marinate the chicken with fresh thyme, crushed garlic, lemon juice and zest, salt & pepper. Rest the chicken in refrigerator minimum for 12 hours or up to 36 hours if you have the time. Basically what you looking is to get the water out of chicken and the delicious marinade flavour in.

Rinse the chicken thighs in cold water and pat dry. Place the chicken in an oven-proof cassarole style dish skin side up on the top of a sheet of baking paper. Add chicken stock and top with water to cover chicken. Add another layer of baking paper and cover with aluminum foil.

Cook the chicken in the oven for 90 degrees for up to 3-4 hours until it starts to fall apart.   


Mustard Puree preparation

·      Half a white onion sliced

·      10 grams of  Dijon mustard

·      1 large potato peeled & chopped

·      salt

·      2 bay leaves

·      15 grams olive oil


Heat up the olive oil in a pot and add bay leave. Wait until the aroma is released. Please note, it will be quick so don't let it burn. As soon as you can smell the fragrance add the chopped onion and let it sweat, careful to not cook it to the point where it's starting to colour.

Afterward add roughly diced potato skin and mustard to the pot. When the mustard starts to stick to the bottom of the pot add cold water to cover the potato and bring it to boil. Simmer until potatoes get soft.

Remove the bay leaves and then, using a blender, blend the mixture from the pot at high speed until nice and smooth. 

CORN preparation

·      1 sweet corn

·      ½ red onion thinly diced

·      salt

·      1 lemon (zest & juice)

·      8 gram fresh coriander (chopper)


Fill a pot with water and bring to the boil. When your water is ready blanch the corn for 5 minutes in boiling water, keeping the lid on while boiling to get the heat to the center of corn cob.

When the cob is cooked, remove the kernels with a sharp knife. Wash the kernels under cold water and pat dry. Transfer the kernels in a salad bowl. add the rest of ingredients to the bowl. Season it with salt according to taste. Set aside.

Courgette preparation

·      4 courgette

·      1 lemon

·      salt


Shave 2 courgette oven mandolin super thin and then dice remaining courgette very small with a sharp knife.


Heat little olive oil oven pan. Add the confit chicken skin-side down in the pan. Let it get crispy in the oven for 5 minutes.

While the chicken is getting crispy, sweat diced courgette without colour in a new pan and set aside. Take the chicken pan out add 100 gram of chicken stock left over from the confit.

Reduce it to half. Spread a good spoonful of heated mustard puree on the plate. Add corn mix and shaved courgette in a salad bowl. Leave the mix on the top of puree. Dress one chicken on the top of garnish and sprinkle roasted courgette on it. 

Garnish it with micro herbs.

KINDRED Restaurant is an all-day eatery, located in Wynyard Quarter, Auckland. 

Open 7am Mon-Fri | 9am Sat-Sun | Dinner Wed-Sun