At Huia Vineyards we use no pesticides, insecticides or herbicides in our vineyards.

Within the wine making process we eliminate the use of artificial additives. This leaves the wine full of natural texture.

We minimize the amount of intervention throughout fermentation. Mainly, we use wild yeast ferments.

Biodynamic growing is integrated into our vineyard organic program. Animals graze on our vineyard blocks, and our diversity of wildflowers, trees and other plants keep our resident beehives busy. Our composting of winery and vineyard waste allows us to return all natural matter back to the vineyard.

The sustainability of the land and surrounding ecosystem are supported and respected. We are equipped to use natural methods in our vineyard management and wine making process.

Overall, everything is allowed to be “al naturel”. It is a lifestyle choice here at Huia, and we love it.



Huia Vineyards is very proud to be included in MANA - Marlborough Natural Winegrowers collective. We are a group of like-minded, Marlborough wine growers who share a passion for producing the very best wine possible - naturally.